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Re: Disappointment with Linux

__/ [ Lobo ] on Thursday 30 March 2006 15:26 \__

> On Thu, 30 Mar 2006 14:25:36 +0100, Roy Schestowitz
> <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>I am very disappointed with Linux installers. Disappointed because they
>>have become so intervention-free. They make me feel like a boor. They ask
>>which language I speak because they cannot read my mind. Sometimes, they
>>make me feel special; they ask me to swap CD's.
>>Linux has no future. It offers no challenges anymore. It's only for those
>>idiots who just want things to always work...
> That's why I'm running Dappar (beta). I got bored with Breezy. It just
> worked. Unfortunately, Dapper hasn't faired much better for me.
> Maybe I'll have to go back to fixing Windows boxes for something to do
> ;-)

My experience with fixing Windows box is very discouraging. It involves many
uninteresting perils. Long hours spent running processes that 'fix'
something or report no faults despite the fact that they *do* exist; fixing
and arranging a messy filesystem; chasing runaway processes. That's on the
issue of security alone.

There is another issue, which is lack of verbosity. When something goes
wrong, it goes *terribly* wrong. Either you have to wipe and re-install or
spend many hours gazing at GUI's that haven't the intended effect. That's on
the issue on automatic gear that is contained in a steel cage, so you can
never 'grease' it, even when it breaks.

After some time of experiencing both and tinkering under both platform, you
come to realise that under Linux, everything you do is transparent (e.g. a
file) and progress can be sensed. With Windows, many problems involve
wizards that hide too much and do too little. One has to investigate the
combinatorical mixture of all checkboxes and *perhaps* find luck at the end.
This can take many long hours, which makes re-installation the "better

What repelled me that most and drove me away from Windows was not security.
It was the miserable filesystems (endless caveats)  and inability to access
and re-use data (e.g. compare proprietary formats with XML).

Best wishes,


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