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Re: Using KNode 0.7.2, Wondering What Else is Out There

On 2006-03-31, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> __/ [ Whiskers ] on Thursday 30 March 2006 21:00 \__


> All in all, my point is that I want to find that little feature that makes me
> say "Hey! How did I ever live without this?". This happens very often when I
> install Firefox and Thunderbird extensions.

No-one is going to be able to list all the things you haven't thought of 
but might like  ;))


> Here's one 'vision' (admittedly an overstatement) that I cannot make a
> reality in KNode. Some posts are more intersting than others. Some posts are
> spam. Filtering is often a very precise process rather than 'fluid'. What if
> a SpamAssassin like 'brain' could score message /for/ me?
> What if I could colour messages for quality (e.g. using a cold-hot blue-red
> scale), perhaps based on some settings files where parameters can be
> hand-tweaked, e.g.
> * "I like short messages"=7/10
> * "I don't like much quoting, but can accept it"=3/10
> * "I don't tend to like GG posts"=10/10
> * "I like long, informative subject lines"=8/10
> * "I prefer posters with full names (rather than anonymous posters)"=5/10
> (e.g. check how many words exist in "From:"
> How does one account for /all/ simultaneously? Okay, so I can combined a
> scoring scheme in KNode and then use some colour highlighting. But I'm
> afraid that I don't have enough of a handle on things, yet.

Knode has feeble 'scoring' powers.  Slrn or Gnus or Xnews can all do far 
better.  Add a local news-server (Hamster for a Windows system, or 
Leafnode or Newsstar or even INN for a *nix system) and your control is 
almost limitless.  There /is/ a good reason for Xnews+Hamster or 
slrn+Leafnode being "the real usenetters' choice"; the same reason is why 
so many users do not use such arrangements - and those users aren't very 
active here  ;))


>> Here's what people in this group seem to be using this week, based on the
>> contents of my local spool:


>> ============================================================================
>>                         Top 10 User Agents by poster
>> ============================================================================


> I have heard bad things about XNews recently. KNode doesn't seem to perform
> too well. This boggled the mind.
>> ===========================================================================
>>                    Top 10 User Agents by number of posts
>> ===========================================================================


> KNode is nowhere to be seen. *sigh* And you guys are probably the gurus, or
> merely those who experiment. I get mixed feelings.

Don't forget that this is one small newsgroup, largely self-selecting for 
people who like to play with news-readers.  The frequency with which any 
one program appears doesn't necessarily reflect how 'good' that program 
is; more probably it reflects how flexible it is - which is something 
entirely different - and how well-known; there are excellent news-readers 
out there which barely make an appearance here at all, and almost 
certainly won't in a one-week snapshot.  How often is Mahogony mentioned, 
or Noworyta, or XanaNews?  XPN may be 'the one for you', or perhaps even 
NN.  Only you can decide, and only by trying for yourself  :))

Why do you suppose G2 (Google Groups) makes the 'Top 10' in this of all 
groups?   What happened to Outlook Express?

-- ^^^^^^^^^^
--  Whiskers 
-- ~~~~~~~~~~

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