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Re: Releasing New Hotsync Configuration

An outside company has a program that sits on ther server and waits for 
people out in the field to sync data to it. I need to remotely change the 
way that the PALM syncs so we can utilize the ethernet cradle.


"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> __/ [ Kevin Eckart ] on Wednesday 29 March 2006 20:39 \__
>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:e0ekir$1cri$6@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> __/ [ Kevin Eckart ] on Wednesday 29 March 2006 18:25 \__
>>>> We have one server running Hotsync and Palm Desktop that several
>>>> different
>>>> Palm's sync to, each one to a specific user. They use the traditional
>>>> cradle connected to PC to access the Hotsync on the server. We are
>>>> beginning to rollout new Ethernet cradles to our remote locations
>>>> effectively eliminating the need for a PC at that location. My question
>>>> is
>>>> how can I remotely change their Hotsync configuration file on their 
>>>> Palm
>>>> to
>>>> use the Ethernet cradle.
>>>> TIA,
>>>> Kevin
>>> Hi, my best *guess* (so please don't count on it) is that you will need 
>>> to
>>> use GPRS, Bluetooth or other wireless methodologies to synchronise. I do
>>> not
>>> believe that Ethernet can have packets channelled in this way and
>>> ultimately
>>> be routed to HotSync Manager. I can envision how this can be achieved in
>>> Linux, but it would not be simple. You could pipe the input from a
>>> particular port number on eth0 to a device that corresponds to your
>>> cradle.
>>> Sounds like a nightmare to set up.
>>> Best wishes,
>>> Roy
>> Is their a file on the server that can be synced to the Palm to add the
>> modem configuration for the ethernet cradle? For a while, they will still
>> have the PC at the remote location to use to sync to the server.
> This would probably require a Palm engineer. What is the purpose of these
> synchronisations? Are users collaborating on the same calendars? Must they
> have a desktop front-end to their data? Is it purely for backup purposes?
> If all you strive to achieve is backup and data resilience, all Palm users
> can dump a copy of the files to an SD card and put it(/them) in a drawer. 
> I
> have 2 SD cards which I use for backups while I travel (I gave away my
> laptop recently). I suggest you consider that as a possibility. What's 
> more,
> and SD card can be read using a USB card reader, shall it ever be needed,
> and then opened in Palm Desktop.
> Hope it helps,
> Roy
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