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Re: Using KNode 0.7.2, Wondering What Else is Out There

__/ [ Tristan Miller ] on Friday 31 March 2006 10:01 \__

> Greetings.
> In article <e0im7n$2887$2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> ... I'm not surprised;
>>> KNode development seems to be *very* slow and disorganized.  That said,
>>> I've found it to be relatively bug-free; ...
>> I see bugs on occasions. I just know them well enough to consider them
>> "predictable".
> Well, yes, perhaps that's a better way of putting it.  And the bugs that do
> exist aren't usually showstoppers.  My biggest beef with KNode is not
> bugs, but rather "misfeatures" such as automatically setting the
> Followup-To header, which has been annoying users for years and years.
> This is such a trivial problem to fix, but has remained neglected for a
> long time.

Was it *you* who brought this up in the KDE newsgroup last year? I can't
recall exactly, but someone ranted about the reduced set of groups. It is
imposed on all cross-newsgroups followup by default, which can be a FPITA.

> (Note that I'm not criticizing the KNode developers; I'm just lamenting the
> fact that there clearly aren't enough active ones.  I certainly have the C
> programming skills necessary to fix some bugs, but unfortunately I don't
> have time to learn Qt and familiarize myself with the KNode code base.
> Even if I were to submit a patch, I'm skeptical as to whether it would
> even be noticed and included in the next release.)

I sometimes wonder if newsgroups (UseNet in particular) are diminishing due
to online forums where anonymity/privacy are/can be better catered for. If
that was the case, I'd start worrying about active development of
desktop-based clients (both E-mail and News, maybe even feeds). Microsoft
work on bringing Hotmail/MSN to a native, desktop-side front-end, but AJAX
makes it all tear apart, slowly and gradually. Maybe USB O/Sen can save the
day for the desktop. Look at the increasing proportion of people who use GG.
It has some valuable features such as user profiles, UseNet search, but that
aside, see Blinky's UseNet Improvement Project^(R).

Best wishes,


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