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Re: Using KNode 0.7.2, Wondering What Else is Out There

I'm not intending to be a mere Gnus evangelist, but it's the
environment with which I work, so...

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> I have ma mouse as adjacent as possibly to the keyboard, so reaching
> for the 'scroller' (wheel) instead is also tempting. It's also less
> jumpy and more tractable than large discrete jumps, in my honest opinion.

On the one hand, I (like most) prefer to use XEmacs as a native window
when possible, in which case scrollbars are available, of course.

On the other hand, just tapping the Return key makes Gnus scroll an
article one line.  Tap it as fast as you like to get whatever scroll
rate you wish.  I do this in both native window or in-a-terminal usage.

At the moment, this XEmacs runs on my home machine.  At home, it's a
native window; where I am right now, at work, it's in a terminal
window via gnuclient.  I also have a local XEmacs running here, doing
the same thing as a native window, for work-local mail and news.

> In KNode, for instance, I sometime want to copy a large proportion of
> the text, yet not all (e.g. exclude .sig). Moreover, there is a nice
> box drawing 'toy', which requires highlighting of the text to bound:

There is a bounding-box quotation function for Gnus somewhere.  I
don't use it, but I've seen it mentioned a number of times.  The text
to be supplied can be swept out with a mouse, if you're using it as a
native window, or you can mark/cut via keyboard control.

Gnus also uses swept or kbd-marked text as the source of partial
quotation in replies & followups.

> This looks like a very convenient working environment. Personally, I moved
> from a single-screen layout with horizontal and vertical panes to just 3
> vertical parts on the two screens I have. Desktop 8 handles this. It
> contains all headers and about 50 messages and newsgroups are in sight.

I have a tendency to want to have a great deal of information
available all at once, which is why I went the 5-pane route.

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