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Re: Will applications that run on v9.3 run on v10?

Pat wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback.  If there's not really that much difference, then 
> it certainly makes sense start with 9.3.

Especially if your software (wich we do not know) seems to be certified
for 9.3

> It just sounded like 10.0 (or the soon to be released 10.1) was better for 
> new users.

In general, yes. In your case where you have a unnamed program with an
unknown licencing and support situation and unnown importance of the
program. No.
I just asume it is a high-prised program that is your moneymaker, like a
CAD-CAM program.

> According a Novell press release, 

Marketing double speech is done by all companies.

> they have "extended and 
> improved every element of the distribution (10.1) to give the best possible 
> desktop experience to first-time Linux users..." 

Yes, that is true. It does not say that the previous distributions did
not have that.

> and "SUSE Linux 10.1 
> provides a full-featured desktop designed especially for the new Linux 
> user..."   

And so it does, just like the previous versions.

> So they certainly make it sound like this is the one try if 
> you're new to Linux.  Is that not the case?  

Yes and no. As your software is guaranteed only to run on 9.3 you are in
not the same situation. 'new to linux' means here not anmy attachments
concerning external non-SUSE software.

> Also, does the 9.3 download 
> include all the other software advertised for version 10?

No. But a LOT is. Functunality certainly is.
SUSE brings out a new version every 6 months (after 10.1 this will be an
8 months cyclus) this means that since 9.3 to 10.1 there is one year
more of development. This also means that the differences although not
huge are still visable. Some programs are dropped, others are added and
this for various reasons.

In that time people have worked on patches and new features.

With Linux it is not so much about needing the latest version of
whatever. It is about being able to work with it. 9.3 is just as secure
as 10.0. It is just as stable and will do 99.9% of what 10.0 does. Only
in the last 0.1% might it be needed to run the newer version.

Again, you sutuation is not standard, because you need to run acertain
software that is certified (or supported) for 9.3. There is absolutely
nothing wrong with 9.3
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Let's not be too tough on our own ignorance. It's the thing that makes
America great. If America weren't incomparably ignorant, how could we 
have tolerated the last eight years? 	-- Frank Zappa, in 1988

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