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Re: [article] Google questions Microsoft search

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted:
> * Microsoft's Windows Vista came under the European Commision's
> eye about a month ago. The EC argued that Microsoft _may_ be
> exploiting its monopoly on the desktop , elbowing aside or fully
> obliterating Adobe by accommodating static outputs (PDF) in the
> core and having search bars in a variety of places.

I ran across a couple links ago yesterday while searching through


And it's not EC but EU. At least as know in the news media at
CBS (cbsnews.com). EC means "Early Childhood". Feel free to
correct me if I'm wrong I didn't do an exhaustive search on "EC"
and limited my investigation to cbsnews.com.

The EU has been going after Microsoft for a while now. The article
above indicates 2003 but it might go farther back than that.

Anyways, Google has some definite problems. I wanted to find some
information about "Microsoft layoffs" and get a fix on how many
people Microsoft laid off in the last few years. I ran across a link
while doing a couple search. One at informationweek.com which
indicated Microsoft released 20,000 United States employees
and hired 20,000 foreign nationalists (mostly in India I think).

So I wanted to find all links specifically matching the words:

  "Microsoft layoffs" site:informationweek.com

and Google specifically turned up 321 links indicating "Microsoft
Layoffs". Yahoo on the other hand correctly turned up zero links.
Altavista seems to run its queries through Google. Some of the
other things in the Mozilla Search List were interesting but did
not represent what I really wanted to find. Officially, I've moved
away from Google myself as my primary search engine and Yahoo
works for me.

Google should fix their search engine problems first rather than
delivering false links, before they dispatronize more folks. I like
Google a lot better sometimes, especially for newsgroup searches,
but the results of their web searches indicates that they are now
managed by lawyers and grubs who have other interests on their
minds, much like Microsoft (which has been run by grubs for at
least 8 years now).

That's my two cents.

Thanks, Roy. Thanks, Paul. For the information and the links.

Jim Carlock
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Benjamin Franklin
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