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Re: Jesus, Joseph and Mary!

__/ [ Mathew P. ] on Thursday 04 May 2006 09:22 \__

> I hopped on over to comp windows advocacy, or whatever the heck it's
> called, just for giggles. Of course the usual suspects were there,
> Tim, Eric, Etc. I had some fun posting and reading, and there was
> actually some pretty interesting stuff.
> And then I hit it. The suck zone. The wall of inpenetrable trolls.
> The mass quantity of sock puppets, astroturfers, and info
> harvesters was enough to stun a herd of elephants. I swear as I sit
> and type on my keyboard that never in my online experience have I
> ever seen anything like it. The sheer horror of it has no doubt left
> me a permanent recurrinig guest spot fill on Oprah, much like Letterman
> and Brother Theodore.
> At first I thought "killfile". What a ludicrous notion. The
> proliferation of "get rich quick using paypal" sock puppets
> made it laughable.
> If you think it's bad here, you have no idea. Pop in some time. As god
> is my witness, that group is the twilight zone of usenet.
> Regards,
> Mathew

I  saw  it  just  once. It was a scary land full  of  kooks,  posers  ,and
nutters,  among some humble readers who kept complaining about the rest of
the regulars (vulgarities, SPAM, just name it...).

Most  posts  are filled with inane foolishness and abject  stupidity.  The
same  applies to all Windows XP groups, or so it seems (I am subscribed to
3  but  rarely take a closer look). The only exception are  regional  ones
where the volume of posts is lower.

Windows  groups  as  whole (especially on the more shallow  level  of  the
UseNet  tree)  are  attracting those who work as clowns by  nighttime  and
perhaps  become  IT  support  people/administrators  at  daytime.   These,
however,  is  the decent minority. The majority are people who managed  to
stick  a  cracked copy of Windows XP to the CD-ROM drive and now  consider
themselves Windows gurus. They wish to pass on the 'knowledge'. Nothing to
see over there, trust me. Never try this again.

Best wishes,


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