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Re: Linux to Inherit Virtualization

Of course, Microsoft is not offering Virtual Server R2 for Windows XP
laptop/desktop machines, only for Windows 2003 servers, correct?

The fact that Linux has been offering free virtual machines for several
years now seems to have been lost in this article completely.

It might be nice if reporters actually did a little bit of research
before they pronounced the "next big thing" as a great innovation.

Oh, that's right, I forgot, they aren't ALLOWED to publish benchmarks
(any form of comparison between any Micrsosoft product and any
competitors product - without Microsoft's prior written permission.

For the record:

Linux has:

User Mode Linux (UML).

Even Microsoft's Virtual server was actually from a company -
Concentric, which started out making virtual machines for Linux as well
as Windows.  Microsoft has since completely scuttled the Linux hosted

This is yet another example of Microsoft using it's monopoly power to
dump products designed to disable and prevent competition on strategic
platforms that could threaten to break that monopoly hold on the

This is a direct violation of the Appeals Court judgement in the
Antitrust case, but no one really cares these days.

Microsoft is above the law, and pretty much immune to any form or real

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