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Re: Processor comparison

__/ [ Barry Watzman ] on Monday 08 May 2006 15:23 \__

> DougH wrote:
>> All other things being equal (disk,memory,etc.) is a Pentium-M
>> Processor 740 1.73GHz noticeably / significanlty faster than a
>> Celeron-M Processor 380 1.6GHz?
>> For browsing, email, office plus a bit of photo image processing, is it
>> worth the extra price?
> The numbers are supposed to represent an approximately linear
> relationship, and 740 is approximately twice 380.  So yes, significantly
> faster.
> But you may not notice the difference in office or web use, as such
> tasks are often not CPU bound.

The  latter point is an important one. The amount of memory available,  as
well  as  the operating system that you intend to use, will play  a  major
role.  The  applications likewise. Take, for example, a Web  browser  like
Firefox,  which  hogs a lot of memory as it builds upon the  Java  Runtime
Environment.   Thunderbird  for  mail  and  OpenOffice  likewise.   Memory
management  and  scheduling of tasks is another matter. Your  mileage  may
vary  depending on more factors than just processor speed. In the case  of
gaming, there is graphics acceleration, as well.

Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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