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Re: Bot-generated reply?

__/ [ admin@xxxxxxxxxx ] on Sunday 07 May 2006 09:34 \__

> Good Morning Sue/Roy,
> I think you have made a valid point, I am the MD of ACRC Ltd
> (http://www.acrc.co.uk), UK Laptop Repairs is our national division
> which offers component level laptop repairs.
> In the past I have been reading posts on this news group, my intention
> is to give free assistance when possible or direction to our services
> if the problem is something we would consider more complex.
> I have to admit that being the MD does not qualify me as an Engineer by
> any means and as such I shall make a point of filtering more questions
> through to our engineers so they can answer them.  This will hopefully
> enable the original poster the possibility of resolving the problem
> themselves.
> I must stress that I have done this on a number of occasions including
> part searches but measuring this versus offering our paid services is
> unbalanced.
> I hope this explanation sets us aside from spammers.  If not I would
> appreciate any feedback you may have to offer.
> Wishing you all a sunny end to your weekend.
> Kind Regards

Hi Gem,

That's a perfectly valid and appreciated explanation. *smile* I would only
suggest that you bear in mind that UseNet is said to be non-promotional in
nature.  Newsgroup manifestos attempt to stick to this ideaology  because,
in its absence, groups get plagued by what people call 'noise', which does
not add much relevant content to the ongoing discussion.

One  such example is alt.websites, which has been literally dead for ages.
As people endlessly post URL's to arbitrary sites which they have just set
up,  the vocation of the group seems uncertain and people soon unsubscribe
and  depart.  In  other groups, people post one-line URL's to  their  eBay
auctions,  which proves to be annoying to group subscribers. A better  and
openly-accepted  is that which includes technical suggestions or  answers,
_as well as_ a possibility or an offer for further help.

To  clarify,  I  have no authority whatsoever in this group. I am  just  a
slightly  concerned  reader who hopes to make constructive suggestions.  I
hope  you didn't take any offence in my previous message. If so, it wasn't

Best wishes,


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