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Re: [Article] Search Engines Spam

On Mon, 08 May 2006 14:58:30 +0100, Roy Schestowitz
<newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Encouraging Search Engine Spam
>,----[ Introduction ]
>| The commercial Web search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN Search, Ask, etc.)
>| are far from perfect. To be effective, most information retrieval systems
>| must strike a balance between precision and recall. Irrelevant results
>| inevitably appear in search engine results. Irrelevant results,
>| sometimes referred to as false positives, are actually a normal
>| occurrence, though I wouldn't base my Web site business on search
>| engine errors.
>| Which got me thinking. As much as I don't respect businesses that
>| deliberately choose to exploit commercial search engines, these
>| businesses are only partially to blame for the proliferation of search
>| engine spam. Before search engine representatives criticize SEO (define)
>| and SEM (define) experts for exploiting the search engines, -perhaps
>| they should look in the mirror. Search engines are actually part of
>| the problem.

Shari Thurow. Again. I quote;

"Many AdSense sites aren't Web sites that contain legitimate, useful
content. Many are garbage. My first thought when I see AdSense on a
Web site is, "OK, where's the spam?" Just yesterday, I was viewing a
Web site with all of this supposed great travel content and discovered
the word "mesothelioma." I wasn't aware mesothelioma had anything to
do with travel. Sure enough, the site was part of an extensive link
farm (which I promptly turned in to the Google, Yahoo!, MSN Search,
and Ask spam cops)."

One wonders if she sent it with the alert; "Hey guys! This site is
making BUCKS/MOOLAGH/DOUGH for all you people!" Obviously they all ran
to stop it immediately.

Cheerleader SEO.




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