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Re: OT: picture theft

__/ [ pecan ] on Sunday 07 May 2006 08:43 \__

> I know this isn't the right forum, but I don't know which is:
> Someone has added my picture to their website.  It was once simply linked,
> and I wondered about that... now they've uploaded it to their site.  It
> isn't a hugely important picture, but surely their should be some rights?
> They've even copied my text, word for word.  Further on on the page they do
> have a link to my picture too, but no acknowledgement or anything.
> CM

Contact  the  Webmaster/author.  Express  your  dissatisfaction  with  the
situation.  If  you receive no reply or no action is taken  (this  usually
reached  a state of friendly settlement), contact the host/ISP.  Nowadays,
some  sites are being built primarily from imported content -- either that
which is acknowledged or not. The Web host could detect this. If you are a
victim, others might be victims as well. You are lucky to have noticed gr-
aphics being stolen. It can be fairly hard to detect, unlike text.

FWIW, royalty-free graphics: http://www.sxc.hu/browse.phtml (where caption
indicates it)

Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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