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Re: [OT] - Adsense broken today ?

On Sat, 06 May 2006 18:43:59 +0100, Roy Schestowitz
<newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>No, this is very odd. So far this month I have made just half a dollar from
>AdSense. Traffic is higher than ever before. Previous months indicate a
>sharp drop from relatively steady figures (copy&paste, f*ck the terms and

LOL, Google won't ban you from Adsense for the figures below since it
doesn't include CTR etc...

>Sep 30, 2004     Earnings...     $35.92
>Oct 31, 2004    Earnings...     $6.12
>Nov 30, 2004    Earnings...     $14.60
>Dec 31, 2004    Earnings...     $13.15
>Jan 31, 2005    Earnings...     $42.55
>Feb 22, 2005    Payment...      ($112.34)
>Feb 28, 2005    Earnings...     $40.61
>Mar 31, 2005    Earnings...     $34.25
>Apr 30, 2005    Earnings...     $32.02
>May 24, 2005    Payment...      ($106.88)
>May 31, 2005    Earnings...     $24.43
>Jun 30, 2005    Earnings...     $22.15
>Jul 31, 2005    Earnings...     $37.65
>Aug 31, 2005    Earnings...     $31.32
>Sep 23, 2005    Payment...      ($115.55)
>Sep 30, 2005    Earnings...     $25.94
>Oct 31, 2005    Earnings...     $18.82
>Nov 30, 2005    Earnings...     $10.26
>Dec 31, 2005    Earnings...     $12.19
>Jan 31, 2006    Earnings...     $12.49
>Feb 28, 2006    Earnings...     $23.88
>Mar 23, 2006    Payment...      ($103.58)
>Mar 31, 2006    Earnings...     $19.20
>At the correct pace, I will make no more than 3 dollars this month *gasp*...
>even with about 40,000 hits per day.

Wow, that isn't very good for that number of visitors even if you have
the sort of content/traffic that doesn't convert well.

I have sites with far less traffic making more than the above. My main
literature site (the main domain only) doesn't have the best placement
of ads (been meaning to fix that for ages), has the sort of content
that results in very low eCPM (which means each click doesn't make
much) has about the lowest CTR of all my sites, yet makes more per day
than your site make per month!! Oh, and it receives around double the
hits your site gets, though hits isn't the best indicator of traffic
especially as that site of mine is over 99% text based content, so the
number of hits generated per page loaded is probably lower than most

I would have been happy to help you out with a few tips Roy, looking
at your site you haven't a clue about how to use Adsense so you need
them, but last time I tried to help with this, you called me a liar,
so don't think I'll bother trying this time. I'll leave it at I guess
your site could make at least $5 a day, probably a lot more :-))

Paul, my Adsense income dropped in Feb because of various factors
including the registrar of my main sites messed up big time, deleted
one site (they didn't pay the fees) and almost transferred another to
someone else!! This meant the sites was offline for about 5 days or so
(they were totally incompetent).

Adsense income dropped considerably because the ads shown after the
sites went live again was reset, over time the program tends to
'learn' which ads to show/not show so you make reasonable amount of
money. It's still not fully recovered to where it was before they
messed up!

When it resets or you add the ads to another site they aren't the best
ads for the site and so you don't make as much money. You mentioned
starting a new Adsense registration, that might be the problem (or
part of it).

There was a few other problems as well, so I went from breaking above
$150 a day (best day USD192.01) to now below $100 a day, but I'll be
able to push it back up in the next 6 months or so with new content.

You also said you are using the Adsense for search, I've found the
amount of money you make from that is negligible compared to the
Adsense for content revenue. So concentrate on Adsense for content and
you'll make more money.

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