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Re: [News] Google Earth Coming to Linux

__/ [ M ] on Thursday 11 May 2006 19:39 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> (He said this to me in an E-mail last year, but the interview confirms
>> this)
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Mad Penguin: Google is involved with OpenOffice.org and Mozilla. What
>> | other open source project are they part of or have people working on?
>> | 
>> | Chris DiBona: Well you know we've got a bunch of kernel folks, we've
>> | got folks all over Apache, we are very heavily represented in
>> | Subversion, and we've given donations to a great variety of groups and
>> | we are members of a number of others. Kinda endless right now.
>> | 
>> | MP: You mentioned Google Earth is going to be ported to Linux. Is that
>> | going to be running with Winelib?
>> | 
>> | CD: We said that at the end of last year. No, that's a native port.
>> | The original version uses Qt with OpenGL.
>> | 
>> | [...]
>> | 
>> | MP: What percentage of the desktops at Google are running Linux
>> | versus Windows?
>> | 
>> | CD: Probably way more than half. I don't know the exact ratios
>> | though. All the developers use it and most of the engineers and
>> | sysadmins.
>> `----
>> http://madpenguin.org/cms/index.php/?m=show&id=6850&page=2
> Would be interesting to know if it was the original developers of Google
> Earth who are doing the porting, or if they are using Linux developers from
> other parts of the Google empire.

The  initial implementation was kind courtesy of Keyhole, whom Google have
acquired.  If  Google  do  not do the ports themselves  (they  port  other
projects  as well), rests assured that they pay some software house to  do
it.  Something  tells  me  that they may have had  some  involvement  from
outside  for the porting of Picasa. The port uses some Wine technology,  I
believe,  so there is your expected reliance on the Open Source community.

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