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Re: [News] Ballmer Carries on With Open Source Bashing

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Open source competition nothing new, Microsoft chief argues
> (FUD interpretation: we have managed to beat OSS for decades)
> ,----[ Snippet of Lies ]
> | Competing with open source is no different than battling
> | proprietary competitors
> | 
> | Open source is beating Microsoft in areas where the software firm is
> | lacking in innovation. But when competing head to head on features,
> | Microsoft has no trouble beating open source, Microsoft chief executive
> | Steve Ballmer argued during a public speaking engagement in Silicon
> | Valley.

Thats easy.
All micoshaft has to do put asside its toy products and features
and name one substantial product that has more *useful*
features than a compelling open source alternative.

All of their substantial products are made useless by the very fact that
they are closed source and therefore beaten by compelling
open source alternatives merely on just being open source alone!!!
Being open source is a feature of open source products, that is
why users are drawn to it in the first place and micoshaft has
no open source products to compete in the open source market place
and therefore micoshaft is lying and has considerable trouble
even thinking about beating open source.

Fsck off Blammer!!

> `----
> http://www.vnunet.com/vnunet/news/2155925/open-source-competition-nothing
> To his credit, many of the quotes therein make Microsoft look as though
> they fight a losing battle.

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