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Re: [News] Microsoft FUD and its "Shoddy, Arrogant Worst"

Mark Kent wrote:

> begin  oe_protect.scr
> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> ,----[ Primer ]
>>| It's bad enough when Microsoft strong-arms other software vendors
>>| into submission as a means of thwarting competition. But when it
>>| engages in underhanded tactics to intimidate users in order to
>>| land a software deal, we have a very disturbing situation on our hands.
>>| And someone needs to have the guts to speak out about it.
>>| Fortunately, someone has. Last week, Dale Frantz, CIO at Auto
>>| Warehousing Co., brought to my attention an alarming business
>>| practice that shows Microsoft at its shoddy and arrogant worst.
>> `----
> That is positively disgusting - how could anyone even consider treating
> their own customers in this putrid fashion?

If you want to see how badly companies treat their customers you have to
tune into watchdog or house of horrors.

I guess this all depends on how confident you are in your licensing
compliance data, and your audits. I think that under these situations you
need to be *very* robust. Sending an EMail back saying that they are in
compliance and they can prove it, and Microsoft's belief is not proof.

If they kept banging about 'belief' I would keep banging on that 'belief' is
not proof and what foundation have they got for this 'belief'.

A case of give them enough rope and let them hang themselves. Rather like
CentOS did to that Tutle idiot.



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