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Re: knode uploaded articles dates

heavytull wrote in <1147548227.451901.77920@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on
Sat May 13 2006 15:23:
> i'm not yet very familiar with slrn or telnet; but i didn't get you.
> you suggest to catch the news through an outside machine?

slrn is a text-mode newsreader that enables you to work from a text console
or terminal window to read your news.  It, like most other text-terminal
based applications, is keyboard driven as opposed to mouse-driven.

Telnet is an obsolete network protocol once commonly used (and still
commonly used in some niche areas) for information exchange and remotely
connecting to machines with terminal emulation software.  Today, ssh is the
preferred method for doing this, as it is secure because it encrypts the
data going back and forth.  This means that the speed of the connection is
slightly slower, since the encryption produces additional overhead, but not
by much.

You can see a short description and screenshot of the 'slrn' newsreader on
Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slrn

As for telnet/ssh, you can get tons of information on that starting at
Wikipedia as well:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ssh

SSH has the added bonus of being able to tunnel arbitrary network ports over
the Internet -- so that you can do things like run X11 programs remotely
and display them on your computer, or connect to a server that isn't
encrypted by establishing an SSH tunnel, first.  This is an amazing thing
to be able to do.  :-)

        - Mike

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