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Re: [News] Windows Under Linux: An Overview

__/ [ Handover Phist ] on Monday 15 May 2006 02:59 \__

> TheLetterK :
>> On Sun, 14 May 2006 20:57:24 +0000, Mathew P. wrote:
>>> Hash: SHA1
>>> On 2006-05-14, Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>>>> Running Windows on Linux
>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>>| There are a handful of products that will enable Windows applications
>>>>| to run on GNU/Linux, all with varying degrees of success. Regardless of
>>>>| which products are on the market, they'll fall into two categories:
>>>>| those that require you to have a licensed copy of Windows, and those
>>>>| that don't.
>>>> `----
>>> Roy, why on earth would anyone want to do that? For the life of me, this
>>> is the one thing I have never understood about the idea behind wine. You
>>> wouldn't try to run a fuel cell car on gasoline, right? Need I say more?
>> It would be nice to have the capability though.

To some (fortunately not myself), it is often a necessity. Some places where
'work' is being done have Windows-only applications that are developed

> No kidding, but car engineers have a much easier time creating new
> products because noone is saying "You cant use batteries if you want to
> use our patented gasoline system". The IT world is much more heavily
> regulated than the auto industry. The only thing evening the ground is
> OSS, hence it's importance.

Yes, good analogy there...

Best wishes,


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