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Re: [News] Canada Apologises, Supports Linux

__/ [ 7 ] on Sunday 14 May 2006 23:15 \__

> Roy Culley wrote:
>> begin  risky.vbs
>> <14023835.Z8kG5Ry60q@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> Notice to Linux users
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>| The census online application now accessible to Linux operating
>>>| system
>>>| In response to demand, Statistics Canada has removed the restriction
>>>| for Linux. This change takes effect May 13th, 2006.
>>>| This broadened access to open-source users is available to those who
>>>| have a valid browser and JVM. These minimum requirements are necessary
>>>| in order to maintain the same level of data encryption with Public Key
>>>| Infrastructure (PKI).
>>> `----
>>>                 Source: http://www22.statcan.ca/ccr02/ccr02_003_e.htm
>> Excellent news but shouldn't they also advise Windows users that it
>> and IE are inherently insecure?

I believe it's implied. *smile*

Have a look at: http://browsehappy.com/ . It's a site which was set up by the
WordPress community. It should encourage better awareness.

> And ask proof they have paid and have a verifiable legal version of
> operating system before allowing them to log on to their
> highly important government web shite?

That's another key point, express with vulgarities. Why would a poor citizen
need to pay for licences merely to get access to public services.  I thought
that we had  (very fortunately) reached  the  point where computer  hardware
can run without any extra payola, ISP aside. Be liberal, be Open. Free Wi-Fi
is coming soon, possibly government-funded as well.

Best wishes,


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