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Re: Google in The Dalles--what's up?

__/ [ Borek ] on Monday 15 May 2006 08:25 \__

> On Mon, 15 May 2006 07:41:16 +0200, Roy Schestowitz
> <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Announcement on collaboration with Nokia on the 770 model (Internet
>> tablet) is due out by Tuesday.
> But it made my day on Monday morning :)

There were rumours in CNET on Saturday, if I recall correctly. Ever since it
has rippled, but nothing official. From my post in a different newsgroup:

Report: Google and Nokia to offer Wi-Fi phone

Gist/conext: the phone in question will be based on Debian/Maemo (Linux
kernel) and be integrated with Google's SOA.

,----[ Quote ]
| Google and Finnish company Nokia are expected to announce on Tuesday
| the launch of a handheld Internet browsing device that includes Google
| Talk, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal on Friday that
| cites a source familiar with the plans.
| Google Talk lets users have conversations over an instant
| messaging system.
| The Nokia device, which will use short-range Wi-Fi wireless technology
| and not cellular networks, is expected to be sold worldwide for about
| $390, the article said, adding that it will be based on the Nokia
| 770 Internet Tablet. Also called the Espoo, it was Nokia's first
| mobile device that wasn't also a cell phone, and it has
| high-resolution screens and plays video and music, according to
| the report.


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