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Re: Tuxmachines.org: SUSE Linux 10.1 Final Report

__/ [ John Bailo ] on Monday 15 May 2006 09:01 \__
> http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/6879?from=0,2
> "Conclusion
> All in all, SUSE 10.1 rocks. It is solid, stable, and professional. It is
> feature rich and thus lacks very little. With its new features like
> AppArmor and XGL, SUSE is ahead of the competition.

It has also got Beagle for data indexing (like Apple Spotlight and Google
Desktop). I suppose that SuSE 10 already had that though. Then come
virtualisation and consistency (minor bug fixes).

> Missing multimedia support is a major drawback, especially for new window
> converts. Its Software Manager is still demonstrating minor glitches can be
> quite annoying. The whole Software Management suite is a bit confusing with
> the separate modules with overlapping functionality.

I wonder if that part on multimedia is among the reasons why you posted this.
You asked about it before. All it involves is a few clicks, which get the
codecs installed under YaST2.

To me, one major drawback is centralisation around GNOME. There was a rant in
one of the OpenSUSE mailing list this morning -- one that I can identify


> The kernel is a very new version, but KDE and Gnome are already almost
> considered outdated with KDE 3.5.1 being used over the 3.5.2 that's been
> out for a coupla months and similarly for the included Gnome 2.12 verses
> the latest Gnome 2.1.4. But weighing these few complaints against all the
> features, stability, and overall look & feel & functionality, SUSE still
> comes out King of Hill. They are the top of the pyramid and the cream of
> the crop."

Ubuntu is easier for newbies. It's also makes installations slightly easier,
in my opinion -- for distro and package alike.

Just my opinion,


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