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Re: US Military Blocks Access to Open Source Sites

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On 2006-05-19, Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
> __/ [ Da'Punk-A ] on Friday 19 May 2006 12:21 \__
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> US military is blocking Slashdot and SourceForge.net
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> | I was told recently that Air Force bases in the San Antonio, Texas, area
>>> | are blocking one or more of our sister OSTG sites, like SourceForge.net,
>>> | Slashdot.org, or Freshmeat.net...
>>> |
>>> | The bottom line, courtesy of Air Force spokesperson Captain David W.
>>> | Small, is that the Air Force does "block Web sites to restrict use of
>>> | the Web to official business and in accordance with specific guidance
>>> | in AFIs."
>>> `----
>>> http://trends.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=06/05/17/2040239&from=rsr4
>> I seem to remember reading somewhere (in this NG probably) that FOSS is
>> part of a communist plot.  So blocking Slashdot etc from military
>> computers makes perfect sense.  Anyone else noticed the similarity
>> between Fidel and Linus?
> You ought to be thinking Stallman, not Linus.
> http://images.amazon.com/images/P/0596002874.01._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg
> That aside, I don't foresee Stallman wearing bland olive shirts any time
> soon. 


What about Linus grenades?

> Best wishes,
> Roy



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