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Re: Sun Commits to Open-Sourcing Java

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

I am not sure that this point makes a lot of sense. Unless, of course, you
want tighter API's that make use of, let us say, QT and GTK, as well as some
desktop environments and more services at O/S-level. This has drawbacks such
as the loss of portability (platform-specific code), but such things already
exist, I believe, in some UI toolkits. I have not programmed in Java for
several years, so I am more familiar with Java at user level and I can see
it integrating quite all right with Linux. Drag-and-drop and JRE seem to
have place for improvement though.

Well, for instance, right now I'm doing some work with pinvoke and the win32 api to try and attach to and manipulate external programs from a c# application.

Is there similar functionality in KDE, lets say, that I can start an instance of Thunderbird, and then issue commands to it from a java application? And also issue commands to the WM to move the KDE window around the screen?

I'm guessing that Sun has finally given in on the OS side.   Now, they
should take advantage of their decision by providing a rich object layer
to linux, an api, similar to what MS provides with Windows.

I suppose you are thinking about Visual Basic and all that lockin malarkey?

Well, at different stages in a products lifetime, you may want strongly coupled or loosely coupled technology. Vista is headed down the /strongly/ coupled path. Linux's application tools are extremely *weakly* coupled. I wish there were more strongly coupled development tools (see above) for Linux.

See many of today's headlines on Java's simplicity sidling with Linux,
specifically Ubuntu. I am beginning to wonder if Java will develop a close
relationship with Linux (they flirt at the moment), much like Oracle have.

Well, java can be much closer (see PP), since Oracle merely rides on top of Linux...but I haven't heard about them building, say, the type of technology that WinFS offers (object stores).

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