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Re: What's the point?

__/ [ Free Java (TM) ] on Wednesday 17 May 2006 09:38 \__

> "asj" <kalim1998@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Here's some thoughts from a Java guy at JavaOne:
>> http://beust.com/weblog/archives/000388.html
>> As JavaOne 2006 opens its doors today, the age-old question is bound
>> to be asked again and again:  will Sun open source Java?
>> I have a fairly straightforward answer:  I don't care.
> You may think harder.
> The Harmony-project, an effort to create an open-source JVM, has Intel and
> IBM on board. Many other projects have joined Harmony, especially projects
> from universities and open groups. That's something that never happened
> under Sun's (excuse me!) "semi-totalitarist reignship" over Java (TM).

That's a very strong statement. Java's code was not locked in a safe, unlike
for example, some other (very popular) codebases which spring to mind.

> Do you want to have companies like IBM, Intel, BEA, Redhat etc. develop a
> JVM? Or do you want to see only Sun and only Sun-developers doing that?
> Well I think seeing only Sun-developers "doing the thing" is a little bit
> like incest, isn't it?
> So do you want to have IBM, Intel, BEA, Redhat, Novell  <add many others>
> cooperating (with Sun?) to develop a JVM. Yes or no? Sun's JRE/JVM is
> proprietary and you can't expect from those companies or other projects to
> cooperate on proprietary software.

Good point. Many would be out there to benefit (at the expense of Sun MS
perhaps). Overall, I belive that many end users (developers alike) would
benefit, corporations aside.

> Open-sourcing means "cooperation and sharing developers, money and
> resources. Did you look at Sun's shareholder-value after first day of
> JavaOne. It has  fallen again.
> And why the heck are guys like you, Roedy or Jeroen so attached to Sun
> Microsystems? Did you forget that Java is a community-thing? Do companies
> like IBM, Redhat not count for you. I simply don't understand that
> attachment to Sun as if Sun Microsystems would be the only important
> company on planet earth.

It's a matter of possessiveness. It's also a promise to shareholders.

> You remind me the Microsoft-zealots sometimes. For those zealots there is
> nothing else then Microsoft, Microsoft and Microsoft.... for you and other
> Java developers there is nothing else then Sun, Sun and Sun...

What about 'Macheads'? Any exception there? Of course not. There are Linux
zealots, as well.

> Don't be idiots, folks.

Tone it down, man. *smile*

Best wishes,


Hasta la Vista, MS Vista.
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