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Re: Sun Commits to Open-Sourcing Java

__/ [ "Jeroen Wenting"  ] on Tuesday 16 May 2006 21:16 \__

> "asj" <kalim1998@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:1147807992.186829.71710@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> Sun further commits to open source Java
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> |Sun Microsystems took a major step closer to fully opening Java by
>>> declaring
>>> |at the JavaOne conference keynote today that it's "not whether, but how.
>>> |We'll go do this." So said new Sun software chieftain Rich Green to new
>>> CEO
>>> |Jonathan Schwartz of making Java "open source" before a huge live
>>> audience
>>> |of Java developers and supporters.
>>> |
>>> |"We will open source Java, we just need to figure out how," said Green,
>>> |referring to his desire to foster Java specifications and reference
>>> |platforms compatibility along with the openness.
>>> `----
>>> Source: http://blogs.zdnet.com/Gardner/?p=2291
>> Someone remind me again what advantage there is to this?  ;-)
>> I think by the time I attend JavaOne next year, it might be the year it
>> becomes open source. But then I ask myself, how exactly would my life
>> be better with an open source java?
> You'd have a lot more spare time after your Java job evaporates with the
> platform.
> Of course you won't have any money to do anything with that spare time and
> need a lot of it to learn another trade and look for a junior position
> doing that.

Actually, to some extent, I tend to agree with you on that one. There is not
much to be gained, from developer's perspective, from such Openness.  Having
said that, you will soon have good arguments for snatching PHP developers to
your side. There is a gentle point of balance there...

Best wishes,


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