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Re: Google Page Depletion Continues

Roy Schestowitz wrote:


> Could anyone comment on patterns of crawling and volume of crawling, from
> Google in particular? The number of indexed pages falls by the day and there
> is little flux at the moment. The loss propagates to all datacentres, not
> just Big Daddy. It makes this seem irreversible (not trivially reversible so
> anyway).


I monitor about 14 sites daily. About two months ago I noticed that
Google crawled the web sites much less frequently, from every second
day to every second week. This happened at about the same time as I
started bi-weekly Google SiteMaps refreshes. So, I figured the change
in crawling frequency was affected by how often I refreshed the Google
SiteMaps on the servers. Google seemed to pick up every page, every
image, everything I gave it.

Suddenly, an ancient web site that I had been trying to resurrect over
the past year sprang back into life. Keyphrases began appearing in top
results; their improvent and presence sustained.

Where are all those powerful mega-paged competitors gone? I thought
that surely they had only stepped out of their throned positions for
but a brief moment. No. They seem to have been evicted permanently,
much to my chagrin.

pushing the limits of fishing in Canada

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