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Re: Everything's back to normal now

__/ [ Phil Rotsky ] on Tuesday 16 May 2006 17:02 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> You can get somebody else to do all the work for you:
>>                         http://saselinux.com/
> That's a really cool service, just the kind of thing that makes one feel
> warm and fuzzy about the Linux world. Trouble is, I'm too bloody idle to
> trundle down to the post office and find out how to pay postage on a
> package that needs to be mailed from the US back to me in France. It's
> easier just to browse to Amazon and have a nice package delivered to my
> door.
> Not long along, a friend of ours gave away an old PC to another, mutual
> friend. It had Windows 95 on it (aacchhh! spit!). I could have used my Suse
> discs to install Linux but decided that variety is the spice of life and
> ordered Ubuntu. I mean, how great is it that they not only send you the
> discs for free, all the way from South Africa, but encourage you to take
> more, to share with your friends? That's my idea of service. Anyway, it
> installed like a dream and the new owners are extremely happy.

That's what Canonical intend  for  you to do. I have  handed out more Ubuntu
CD's than I care to remember. People never whined. Ever since version 4, the
folks had some decent shirts on, as well. It simplified the  distribution by
a professional. What were them folks thinkin'?


Best wishes,


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