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Re: A possible theory of pages dropping

On Wed, 24 May 2006 15:50:25 +0100, Roy Schestowitz
<newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>__/ [ Big Bill ] on Wednesday 24 May 2006 14:29 \__
>> On 24 May 2006 05:39:58 -0700, "webseoguy" <webseoguy@xxxxxxxxx>
>> wrote:
>>>Here is a link that explains the recent changes with Google lately
>>>written by SitePoint.
>>>And here is a link from Matt Cutts of Google himself that describes it
>>>in detail.
>>>Michael Rock
>> Hands up anyone here who would believe it if Matt Cutts explained what
>> time of day it is - oh, hi there, Michael Rock, you'd be new here, I
>> take it?
>> BB
>Actually, Bill, I found his links extremely informative. That said, a link to
>the source rather than a blog citing them would have saved some time. It
>seems as though we may be witnessing an irreversible and permanent change,
>which was /intentional/.
>Best wishes,

A question from Mike;

"Do you really want to wait 9 months at Google for good, relevant data
to become available. Or would you like to produce fresh new stuff as
soon as it's available?" 

The answer from Matt;

"Well we do want it there as soon as it's available. In fact, some
things like our news crawl and blog search can find stuff within
minutes of it being live. So there's always a tradeoff between how
much do you trust certain pages how much do you rank certain pages.
And the best advice I can give is don't worry or over think or try to
strategize too hard over is -- or isn't -- there a sandbox. Just make
a great site, with great content and a normal reason why people would
want to link to you and visit your site. A compelling reason why
people would want to link to your site. And that's going to help you
capture the mind of the blogosphere and that's really the best way to
let search engines find out about you too." 

A hypothetical question from me;

"What time of the day is it?"

A rather more hypothetical answer from Matt;

"Well of course we are keen to know and distribute the time of day at
our various locations as soon as fresh information comes in about it
that we can verify to our satisfaction. To do this, though, it must be
realised that at our different datacentres we use a variety of
different clocks and watches, some big ones, some small ones, some
green ones and some we're working on are digital,... "

I'd play with that some more but I'm tired here... I mean, you don't
actually get an answer, do you?

I think myself what he means from the SEO being marketing thing refers
to the idea that off-web activities will get your site indexed. If
you're famous you'll be in there quick and ranked well, no problem. It
goes back in some ways to what I said ages ago about BMW and why they
got back so quick after their three-day ban. If you do a new web site
and you promote it over the tv worldwide and at the cinema and in all
the papers etc, you'll be indexed and ranked for all sorts of things
in Google double-quick, they can't afford for you to go off to other
engines to try to find the site. 




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