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Re: Online banking survey

__/ [ Chris ] on Friday 19 May 2006 10:39 \__

> Following on from the previous thread of connection issues with RBS, I
> 've decided to a quick survey of the Banks' software requirements as
> specified on their sites.
> As a fairly simplistic benchmark I chose the simple fact of whether
> Firefox and/or Linux where mentioned explicitly in their documentation
> as a workable setup. Plus if the site had browser tester I used it to
> see if my setup (Mandriva 2006.0 FF 1.5.03) would pass. So here goes:
> Bank        Firefox        Linux       Test
> ---------------------------------------------
> RBS          Yes            Yes         n/a
> Halifax      Yes            No          Passed
> HSBC         No specific info found on the site for any browsers
> LloydsTSB    No             No          n/a
> Barclays     No             No          n/a
> Nationwide   Yes            No          Failed
> Natwest      Yes            No          Passed
> Smile        No             No          Failed
> Firstdirect  No             No          n/a
> Cahoot       No             No          n/a
> I've not at all addressed the issue of whether the above actually work
> with my setup despite any mention to the contrary on the site, which
> usually is the case.
> However, it's clear that RBS, Halifax and Natwest are the most
> browser/OS 'friendly' banks on paper, with Nationwide a close runner up
> as they support FF, but their test failed due to the OS being 'unknown'
> One frightening thing I saw was that Barclays still mention IE 4.01 and
> Netcape Navigator 4.08 as a 'correct setup' for access!!

NatWest refuse access if I use the user agent switcher in Firefox. That sort
of sniffing is of course always frowned upon. But it could be worse. Some
banks will permit access only to IE. Seen it before...

Best wishes,


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