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Re: Interesting article about patent hunting

On Sun, 21 May 2006 19:55:31 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [ wd ] on Sunday 21 May 2006 17:38 \__
>> Amazon also patented the online review system, so I wouldn't be
>> surprised if Microsoft has patented the double-click. Apple can have the
>> triple click.  It doesn't matter because I am just finalizing my patent
>> on the quadruple mouse click...
> Infringement on 2 patents for the double-click. It's an even number.
> *smile*

Whoever has the 1-click patent is going to have to go after the
double-click patent becuase it involves two single clicks.  Then they can
team up and go after Apple for the triple-click.

I wonder if anyone has patented this idea yet: holding a keyboard
key while clicking the mouse one time.  Another good patent would be
pushing *two* mouse buttons at the same time.  How about a patent for
typing the keys 'asdf18flSSfdsAW' in that sequence. I need to find a
lawyer to see if that one is still available.  

> Amazon patented user history for recommendations. Nest thing you know
> they'll be whacking some 90-year-old librarian for stealing their method
> when s/he recommends a books based on past likings. I hope you see the
> humorous value that 21st century patents have brought upon us.

This article talks about three of the Amazon patents.  A lot of
these patents are like a bad joke.


"The third patent is the real kicker. It covers methods for encouraging 
consumers to write reviews of items they've purchased by determining the
optimal times to send them e-mails or reminders. In one embodiment of the
patent, the system sends consumers a message inviting them to write a
review in a predetermined amount of time after the purchase. It's a method
widely used by online retailers, including Yahoo (Quote, Chart) Shopping.
The patent also covers the method of tracking who returns to rate products
by asking them to click on a unique link in an e-mail."

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