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Re: WINE - Windoze?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

>> Zen is the new updater of SUSE Linux 10.1
> Oops. I means Xen (pronounced the same *giggle*). I mentioned Zen in a
> different thread today -- that which discussed problems with YaST and some
> advantages that exist in use of Synaptic.

I guessed you did. I just wanted to point this out because Zen has been
discussed a lot lately for a reason.

And believe me, it will...


> These are more reliable than emulators (yes, I know that Wine Is Not an
> Emulator), but the downside is that they require an O/S licence and they are
> not run natively.

Here you are referring to Xen?

I don't know how the virtualization is done in Xen but if it's similar
to VMWare the licence is required, of course and it does run native windows.

They are not emulators.

> The questions marks probably referred to the confusion though. Thanks for the
> correction.

They did. You're welcome.
>> You probably meant Xen as for virtualization and SUSE?
>> It's been there for a while and it's said to be stable. No own
>> experience though.
> I thought it was new because it hit the headlines in the context of Xen
> virtualisation in upcoming business solutions from Red Hat, I believe.

I've read in these groups that Xen's been stable for quite some time.
It's been with SUSE for quite some time, too.

It's just that it's not for newbs, I've heard.


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