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Re: [News] Commercial Wikipedia from Microsoft?

__/ [ thad01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Wednesday 31 May 2006 14:56 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> The Britannica-Wikipedia survey was said to be ill-conducted. It could
>> have been FUD -- even one that was supported under the table. The referees
>> were not accounting for article _scale_, which is often greater in
>> Wikipedia. They only counted inaccuracies and mistakes. Wikipedia had a
>> strong rebuttal, and mind you, they continue to improve all the time, as
>> more Wikipedians join the 'team' and technology (e.g. for moderation) is
>> improved by MediaWiki. Britannica, along with other commercially-motivated
>> teams, are fighting a losing battle. They are also less readily available.
>> My search bar in Firefox is Wikipedia.
> Yes, I see Wikipedia as another example of the power of open,
> collaborative development on par with efforts in the software
> world.  A commercial encyclopedia can die off and become
> outdated because of financial problems.  I doubt Wikipedia
> ever will.  Like open source software projects, it will
> continue to accrue improvements and evolve over time.
> Unfortunately, the proprietary content industries see
> community efforts like this as a direct challenge to their
> profits and will try to fight it by buying off politicians
> and passing draconian laws.  As citizens, we need to be

See the following story:


,----[ Quote ]
| However Apple has struck gold in finding a techno utopian in a state
| of rapture. Judge Rushing cites Wikipedia as a source, a mistake which
| earns students an 'F' grade today. He talks about the need to disregard
| economics and sociology in favor of a "memetic marketplace" - whatever
| that is - and allows himself some flights of technological rapture.

What the 'F' is wrong with that?


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