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Re: Gartner: Sun and Linux Strong in the Server Market

__/ [ asj ] on Wednesday 31 May 2006 14:40 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Sun Gains Server Market Share; Linux Continues to Grow
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | A new report from Gartner Dataquest shows Sun regaining the leadership
>> | in Unix-based servers and gaining revenue and market share in the
>> | overall market over the most recent quarter. Seems like old times,
>> | perhaps, but the report was nuanced enough to give most vendors in the
>> | market room for cautious optimism.
>> `----
>>                 http://opensource.sys-con.com/read/228882.htm
> those guys are sneaky devils...however, i still think in the long run
> they should marge with someone...like google, perhaps...

Google use (G)Ubuntu already. So why would they need Sun? In the server room,
they probably just run plain Debian, which is Free as in Free Beer and
performs very well (it's very strict and selective in terms of packages it
accepts, as well as general security).

The new Sun servers with Ubuntu are like Linux with Sun taxation. And by the
way, Google have in-house talent, so they don't need to 'import' experts
from elsewhere across industry.

I would have to agree that if Google had plans of doing datacentre contracts
and consulting, they could definitely make some good bucks. They have
reputation, despite their recent errors, which they are reluctant to talk
about in public.

Best wishes,


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