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Re: Had anyone seen Matt Cutts publicly speak?

__/ [ www.1-script.com ] on Wednesday 31 May 2006 14:09 \__

> I mean, does he always behave like a complete moron he was at that
> 05/16/2006 interview with webmasterradio.fm?
> http://media.webmasterradio.fm/episodes/audio/2006/SEO051606.mp3
> I know it's old news already but I just got to listen to it last night
> and, man, what a pathetic image that was. The entire entourage was
> giggling all the way through the show, laughing and joking non-stop.
> Granted, the host did not try to make it more serious either, but it was
> just disturbing to hear the guy that?s been entrusted with ?quality of
> search? at Google to laugh his way through questions like: ?why do I find
> my site one minute and it?s gone the next? or ?did you really run out of
> space? etc.
> So, is he like that all the time or they just caught him off-guard after
> hours and slightly boozed?

Have you ever heard _Robert Scoble_ publicly speak? See the comments in:


Exactly the same issue.

Best wishes,


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