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Re: Cost of Complete Windows Vista: Just $679

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> OpenSUSE costs you $0 and delivers more software, better stability, hardware
> support, and security.
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | There's no word better than "ultimate" to convey the impression that
> | you're getting nothing but the best. However, when it comes to Microsoft's
> | new software, whatever you end up getting is going to cost you heaps.
> |
> | And all those bits and bytes can be yours for just US$679, the price of
> | a fairly handy desktop computer.
> `----

This is a very sensible strategy for Microsoft.  Raise the retail MSRP
to such a rediculous price that no one will want to purchase a machine
that does not come with an OEM license.

Only one problem.  If you are on the road, ready to make a presentation
the next morning, and your laptop has gone to "DLL Hell", you'd better
be willing to fork over the cost of a whole computer for the emergency
Vista Installation kit.  What the heck, just buy a new computer and
forget trying to buy installation software.

And when you get back, you can install Linux on the "dead" computer,
and install the Windows image or some previous version of Windows as a
Xen, Bochs, or VMware image.

>                         http://www.itwire.com.au/content/view/4463/53/

Maybe Microsoft also intends to double the prices charged to the OEMs
as well?  This would make Windows the single most expensive component
on the computer.  Imagine, you pay $500 for a desktop Vista computer,
and $120 of that cost is Microsoft's OEM License.

Such a move could either leave the OEMs cowering in panic, hanging on
the verge of bankruptcy, or push them into open revolt against
Microsoft, pushing Linux-Only machines all the way to Linux.  If
Microsoft overplays it's hand, they could end up in the same condition
as CP/M-86 aka DR-DOS,  or OS/2.

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