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Re: [News] Wall Street Organ Replaced by GNU/Linux Cluster

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
__/ [ GreyCloud ] on Saturday 07 October 2006 23:42 \__

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

__/ [ GreyCloud ] on Saturday 07 October 2006 19:28 \__

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

__/ [ GreyCloud ] on Saturday 07 October 2006 16:55 \__

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

The Sonic Boon: New Organ is Digital, Realistic, and Powerful, but is
it Sacred?

Nope. More and more institutions that have limited budgets are going to digital organs these days. I've been in conversations with Allen Organ company in PA., and this year they are having a banner year.


And just click on Play Music to hear what a digital organ sounds like.
Their main advantage is realism, but also when music regimens shift all
the organ voices can be changed with a CD.

Only works with Windows, Mac or an emulation thereof. And it needed JavaScript to pop up the box... nasty site development choices.

Found a different manufacturer...


There are two mp3 formats.  Do these work okay?

Note that these are digital as well.

Rendered very well in Konqueror and sounds great!! Indistinguishable from
the real thing, but I bet some people stick to pipes for the same reason
records 'sound' better on an old gramophone. Nostalgia and music
(especially classical) are interwined. It's about tickling the mind and
sometiems bring back memories. A little bit like the habit of collecting
wine... *smile*

Times are a changin'.

Yes, I know. He passed away last year.


There used to be several electronic organ vendors during the 50s to 70s
era, but only a couple have survived that I know of.  The reason given
to me by Allen Organ company was that the asian market forced many to
close up shop.  So now it is only the top of the line instruments that
are left that a synthesizer cannot compete against.  And even these have
MIDI interfaces built in for special effects.  Classical music will
always be around, and a nice classical instrument will always be made
available.  Not for your average joe tho.  I was raised playing pipe
organs so I know where the industry was and is now at.  A lot of people
never have heard a pipe organ concert in person, especially the old
Wurlitzer theater organs.  I think Wurlitzer quite making them in 1947.
 Their specialty was the silent film era, and then when "talkies" came
out the demand declined.  Now these beasts are restored and are found
mostly in private residences.  I know one in Coos Bay, Oregon that is
just sitting there rotting away.
Anyway, the digital organ report interested me.  Makes one wonder if an
o/s is needed or not in these machines.  Hope not, as I'd rather not
have to wait to boot up an organ.  :-))

The idea of kernel panic seems scary. I had this rare bug in SUSE where the volume would shoot through to the roof and some awkward random sound be spewed out. It probably startled the neighbours. This only happened a couple of times in about a year, ever since I installed Opensuse 9.3. It wasn't funny the first time. I may have missed a heartbeat. *smile*

I listened to a grand pipe organ only once. I can still recall it very well
(it was about 10 years ago) because it was quite enjoyable and definitely
memorable. A friend of mine is doing a lot of synthesiser work with CuBase,
among other programs. But it's nothing like the real thing; not even with a
pricey sound card. He was very impressed by Linux sound when I introduced
him to that platform last year (Ubuntu, then Mandriva 2006).

Sorry, I was just drifting to random thoughts and rambled...

You don't need to apologize. I always enjoy talking about the good times. I just wish I could afford one of these new digital organs that are MIDI equiped. Definitely would make a new hobby for me.

-- Where are we going? And why am I in this handbasket?

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