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Re: Vista to take hard stand against piracy

Hadron Quark wrote:
> Mark Kent <mark.kent@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> >
> > Whereas Mr Wong just posts Windows and Microsoft advocacy here, with no
> > pretence of on-topic posting at all.  Just how does that qualify him to
> > criticise the postings of the on-topic crowd, I wonder?
> You clearly read an entirely separate set of posts then.
> I cant remember the last time I saw you, Köhlmann or Willy Boaster post
> something about Linux advocacy - just name calling and kill file
> prowess. And of course lies. I thought you wanted "intelligent
> debate". But no. Just another tin foil beany wearing COLA nutcase living
> in denial. In Roy's defense he does sometimes post about Linux, but more
> recently it has just been vile abuse aimed at MS, including but not
> limited to claims that they will purposely damage peoples hardware
> ..... something I wouldn't have believed unless I had read Roy's claims
> myself.
Intelligent debate?  Occasionally that appears, but mostly it is like
discussing religion with a group of nuns, i.e. faith without any
understanding and anyone with an opposing view is a demon.

Roy just seems to be genuinely pissed off that Gates and his friends
are so rich when smarter people have to slog away daily to afford the
smallest luxury.  That accounts for the iconoclastic slant to his news
posts, particularly the ones where he sees evidence that MSFT stock is
sinking or they might fail in the games market vs. Sony..

I think it is remarkable that he is so prolific.  I think that there is
the chance that "he" is a multi-person group chipping in with post
after post although they are fairly consistent in form.  It must take
an awful lot of time to read all of these articles, if he actually
reads them.  Some are not very useful for demonizing MS or promoting
linux either and I wonder why he bothered.  It may be that he has some
Google query that generates these connections and he doesn't have the
time to really analyze each one.

> --
> You are a vile asshole, flatfish. : Peter Köhlmann, COLA hypocrisy at
> its best.

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