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Re: [News] At Least 100,000 Businesses Have Dumped Microsoft Office

__/ [ Mark Kent ] on Sunday 25 February 2007 07:05 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> __/ [ Mark Kent ] on Saturday 24 February 2007 09:43 \__
>>> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>>>> __/ [ Mark Kent ] on Saturday 24 February 2007 07:48 \__
>>>>> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>>>>>> Google manager: Google Apps replaced Microsoft Office at 100,000
>>>>>> businesses
>>>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>>>>| Google's newly released online productivity suite Google Apps has
>>>>>>| already replaced Microsoft Office at more than 100,000 small to
>>>>>>| medium enterprises and has been deployed at two of the largest
>>>>>>| companies in the world, according to the search leader's
>>>>>>| enterprise product boss.
>>>>>> `----
>>>>>> http://www.itwire.com.au/content/view/9889/53/
>>>>> If google apps have managed 100,000 SMEs, how many are using Open
>>>>> Office, I wonder?
>>>> Nobody knows. It's open source and it doesn't phone home. All we have
>>>> are some download counters from last year.
>>>> 100,000,000 OpenOffice.org fans can't be wrong
>>> Um, interesting - 100 downloads of OpenOffice for every user of Google
>>> Apps.  There should be a massive potential for support there, too.
>>> <snip Mr Phipps>
>> This does not include all the people who get OpenOffice in the form of a
>> CD-ROM or even a USB pen (e.g. 175,000 French students). That's why
>> download count says too little and only paid-for market surveys is what
>> you're left with. With the rise of ODF, the attraction of OpenOffice and
>> other ODF-friendly software will soar. IBM is in this game too (Lotus)...
>> not just Google, KDE, Abiword... Corel and Novell have Microsoft grabbing
>> them by the balls, so they also intend to offer an OOXML option (they'll
>> never manage to get this replicated.... oops... I mean implemented).
> As OpenOffice is included with Debian, then a count of the number of
> Debian downloads would also be of interest, I suppose.  But as you say,
> trying to count installations of free software is, in the end, a
> fruitless activity.

Let's not rely on the Linux Counter either. Perhaps there are only a hundred
thousand of us.... *eyes roll* while Canonical gauges repository requests
from more than 8 million Ubuntu PCs... and that's just the ones that are
connected to the Web and install additional stuff. One distribution among

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