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Re: [News] eWeek is Impressed by OpenOffice.org 2.3

* DFS fired off this tart reply:

> Linonut wrote:
>> Some guy was telling me about the MS Office 2007 he got with his
>> military discount.  Cost something like $70.  Whoo!
> I've seen a couple magazines recommend it over MS Office recently, due to 
> the price.  Scary.

Hey, most people would be perfectly happy with WordPad.

>> This guy really liked Outlook 2007, too.  But he was not at fond of
>> the ribbon interface, and was very irked about how hard it was to
>> find the functions he wanted to use.  He wondered why MS "moved
>> everything around".
> You OSS wacks are so very fond of saying "if you don't like it fix it 
> yourself", so...
> http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa338202.aspx

Ooooh, what a new concept.  Not.  Even Windows apps have had XML
customization for years.

Anyway, the new interface has one big-ass defect shared by the older
interfaces, at least for me.

It takes up too much goddam screen real-estate.

Anyway, so now the guy has get used to someone's arbitrary set of

All because he's using a word processor that /does/ /not/ /know/ /how/
/to/ /format/ /text/ /for/ /the/ /user/ !!!!!

The user should mostly have to type.  But, with Word (and OpenOffice),
they also have to select text, find things to click, and keep doing it
until it looks like the format they want.

Talk about a major step backward from word processors such as LyX!

Tux rox!

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