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[News] Debian-based Internet Tablet Compared to Xandros Linux Laptop

  • Subject: [News] Debian-based Internet Tablet Compared to Xandros Linux Laptop
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 02:59:48 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
Asus Eee 701 vs. Nokia N810 - Linux Fight!

,----[ Quote ]
| As for myself, I'm sticking with the N810 as my favorite "secondary" 
| (non-phone) device. It fits my life much better than the Eee does. However, I 
| am not one to turn away from a well-designed ultraportable. I'm going to have 
| a good deal of fun with the Eee and enjoy it as my secondary home computer, 
| but the N810 will get a lot more use out of the home.    


Where are the Vista-based palm-sized tablets which cost $300 and have over
30,000 applications?


Nokia N810: unboxing and first impressions

,----[ Quote ]
| My shiny new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet was delivered yesterday. After 
| fondling it for most of the day, I'm relatively impressed. The N810 is a bit 
| smaller than the N800, which makes it more comfortable to use and easier to  
| tote around in a pocket.  


Laptops lookout - New Nokia N810 Internet Tablet hits store shelves

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia announced today that the new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet has begun 
| shipping nationwide in the United States.  With a new slide-out keyboard, 
| built-in GPS, digital audio/video playback and Wi-Fi capability for VoIP 
| calling, the Nokia N810 provides the functionality of a traditional computer 
| but all in one sleek, stylish and portable device.    


Linux Internet tablets gain WiFi login agent

,----[ Quote ]
| Boingo Wireless Inc. has announced a free WiFi software agent for Nokia's 
| Linux-based Internet tablets. The quick-connect agent is said to streamline 
| logins at some 100,000-plus Boingo Mobile hotspots, for users of Nokia's N810 
| or N800 running Tablet OS 2008.   


Linux alternative to iPhone

,----[ Quote ]
| Since the N800 is open source, there are many third party applications which 
| extend its usefulness and fun factor, such as: 
| Pidgin - full-featured internet messaging client, with AIM, MSN, Yahoo and 
| Jabber support 
| Canola - media player with network streaming
| FBReader - e-book reader
| Claws Mail - full-featured email client
| Obscura Photo Manager


Asus Eee PC doing well

,----[ Quote ]
| It appears that this holiday season the gPC is not the only mainstream Linux 
| PC to get a lot of attention. The Asus Eee PC, a $400 laptop that runs a 
| basic version of Linux, is sold out at Amazon and Best Buy, where it has 
| received a 4.5/5 user rating at both places.    


The Asus Eee Laptop Series Selling Off the Shelves World Wide

,----[ Quote ]
| The sturdy and light weight Asus Eee has captured the hearts and minds of US 
| consumers, students and educators. The Eee series has all the features of its 
| competitors, but its affordable price is turning heads. The Eee units are 
| literally selling off the shelves world-wide.   
| [...]
| The popular Eee is not without its critics. IT Wire reports that Asus Eee may 
| have misrepresented the Linux loaded capabilities. According to IT Wire, some 
| Linux advocates say the Eee uses Xandros a Debian-based distribution that 
| charges a license fee and has an agreement with Microsoft similar to the one 
| signed by Novell.    


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