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Re: [News] [Rival] Microsoft Holds Back Technology and Progress

"Erik Jan" <anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:474dc7f6$0$749$3a628fcd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Roy Schestowitz had de volgende lumineuze gedachte op 28-11-07 12:30:

Proprietary software is from dark ages

,----[ Quote ]
| So proprietary software means that we are in the dark ages and open
| source software means that we are in a mature democratic world. In
| fact, Eric Raymond has advocated a similar argument in his essay
| titled "The Cathedral and the Bazaar". Whether you want to live in | the dark ages or in a democratic society, is your choice.


Dear Roy,

I have read somewhere that during the "Dark Age", first half of the medieval millenium, and in fact during the whole of the millenium, the great innovations in agriculture and technology, were fully "open source" as we call it now. Innovations went from monastery to monastery and each was free to innovate and spread its innovations. European civilizations is built upon a millennium of open source and free use of other people's ideas.

"Intellectual Property", patents, are symptoms of a more capitalistic era, the one after the Middle Ages.

"Dark ages" has just become an invective without any reference to (historical) reality.


Erik Jan.

I think the core topic here is *public domain.* That's the public heritage
that makes our culture; it includes how to read and write; out along
several axes and it includes our *Constitution* among other resources.

Will DRM'd softwares fall naturally and easily into the public domain
when their copyrights run out?

If you were living off-Terra, on Luna or Mars or in an orbital settlement,
would you want to rely upon Microsoft's proprietary software for you
to stay alive, to operate your life support machinery, to fly your ships
to other settlements?

Cheers -- Martha Adams  [comp.os.linux.advocacy 2007 Nov 28]

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