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Re: Roy Schestowitz proves he's a sad, lonely loser. THE FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

flatfish <flatfish@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Wed, 28 Nov 2007 18:50:58 +0000, Kier <vallon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Then why did you quote your own post, unecessarily? Are you too dim to
>>know what you're doing?
> It was 2 different threads.
> Live with it.
>>Only the first line or two. That was quite enough.
> That's all it takes baby to get you hooked!
>>> (BTW in case you haven't noticed, you'll be reading Schestowitz's spam
>>> at least 8 times under different misleading subject lines. He thinks
>>> people don't notice. Maybe you haven't? )
>>Who said I read it? It's not spam anyway, and you saying it day and night
>>will never make it so. Maybe you should crawl back into the hole you
>>crawled out of, since you're making so little contribution to Linux
> Why not read digg and see what THAT community thinks of Roy and his
> spam?
> Here, I'll even get you started!
> http://digg.com/apple/Massive_Data_Loss_Bug_in_Leopard?t=10359262#c10363827
> Roy Schestowitz is at -100 on that one.

But Roy Schestowitz is surely a pen name? No man can hurt his own future
so much by posting so much rubbish and garbage? How much does one get
paid for this job I wonder. It must be nice and easy money for him.

> A comment that says:
> " You should see him in comp.os.linux.advocacy!! Spamming the entire
> group with 1000s of posts each month.
> He's turned that group into a virtual wasteland of messages with
> little or no replies. He's also been asked, many times, to group his
> messages into a digest, maybe even with html hot links, but he refuses
> because his goal is to pollute the search engines with his name.
> I have him filtered in comp.os.linux.advocacy, like most people in the
> group do."

Where is he getting his information from? Does Novell give it too him? I
am surprised - maybe he takes it from the one post from the other
sensible poster which has hundreds of article about Linux advocacy.

> Is at +23.
> Another one which says:
> "According to his Google profile, he has *forty thousand* (!) posts to
> COLA alone. Add to that 11,000+ to Digg, and who knows where else. For
> all we know "he" has a Slashdot account with another five thousand.
> "He" runs what, like five or six high-volume "boycottX.com" attack
> blogs?
> Does anyone still believe that this "guy" is just a kid getting a
> masters' degree or whatever he claims he does for a living? Please.
> Schez smells like paid astroturfers, shills and trolls."
> Is at +20
> Another one which says:
> "@HonoredMule: The erratic behavior you see is caused by multiple
> people posting under the same identity. It's easy enough to see."
> Is at +6
> And another one that says:
> " I have noticed that the quality of "his" comments, and also "his"
> general attitude tends to shift erratically. 3-4 months ago, he earned
> a blocking by me. About 2 months ago, I unblocked him, and then later
> thought highly enough of his posts to add him as a friend, but the
> content he submitted was on a short-term high that quickly degenerated
> back into novell hate-spam and random linux-related crap. Lately, his
> comments have also degenerated back to block-worthiness loaded with "I
> can talk about linux stuff too, and I give this article a B+" junk. I
> didn't know he was so active in other communities too, but he sure as
> hell doesn't have time for this if he's actually a student, at least
> unless we're the test subjects for his thesis"
> Is also at +6
> Now to put this into perspective, this is a LINUX GROUP ON DIGG!
> It attracts LINUX SUPPORTERS so it will tend to be skewed in that
> direction.
> So how come THEY, the REAL Linux supporters, have Roy Schestowitz all
> figured out and comp.os.linux.advocacy is way behind the curve.

I only saw this group when someone cross posted to linux.misc. I don't
think I will be staying - already I have been insulted and misquoted by
some man called High Plains I think. Strange place but somehow it is fun
like watching One Flew Over The Cuckooes Nest.

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