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Re: Roy Schestowitz proves he's a sad, lonely loser

On Wed, 28 Nov 2007 10:12:25 -0500, "Keith Windsor"
<keith@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
>> Didn't take long, either.
>> http://www.propeller.com/member/flatfish
>> "flatfish
>> This member has been removed from the system for violating our Terms of 
>> Use."
>How pathetically sad that Roy Schestowitz has nothing better to do with his 
>miserable life than to search every corner of the web looking for some 
>obscure web-site (propeller.com) that banned somebody named "flatfish."
>We can now all believe him when he says that he doesn't have a disorder or 
>obsession with posting and stalking flatfish.

And he managed to fuck that up as well!

Face it Roy Schestowitz could fuck up a wet dream.

He got the wrong flatfish!

Read here:  (Form my reply to Roy)


I just spilled my cafe after reading this one.
Roy's out done himself this time.

That's the beauty of you Roy Schestowitz.
You self nuke every single time you attempt to attack/silence someone.

Face it Roy Schestowitz, you are a complete buffoon!

You are the cartoon character who has the dynamite blow up in his face
while the Road Runner gets away every single time.

Why you ask?

I'm glad you did!

Simple, in your over-zealous attempt to exert the minimal amount of
authority Netscape/Propeller has bestowed upon you by making you a
'scout' (do you get a secret decoder ring with that?), you have
mis-fired-fired once again.


Your first clue should have been the AOL account.
However, being the narcissist that you are, everybody else is wrong
but you.
I'll give you a hint, my profile has nothing to do with fish.

For those that haven't figured it out yet, Roy Schestowitz is
unraveling because the digg community is completely and totally on top
of Roy's purpose in the Linux/FSF community.

In Roy's mind this is akin to taking away his rubber G.I Joe doll and
despite all of his complaining, there is nothing he can do about it
because there are so MANY people who read and rate his comments
appropriately. What that means is that when he posts something decent,
which is very rare, it gets dugg. However when he spams his usual
flood of messages that are dups, old news, misleading topics, off
topic, etc, IOW the crap he pulls in COLA, he gets buried.

This, of course is driving Roy Schestowitz crazy, just as it would any
true narcissist.
Add in Roy's paranoia and it makes for a very interesting cocktail, a
spectacle that just has to be seen to be believed.

What he fails to explain is how he, Roy Schestowitz, can get buried to
the tune of -147 by a group of so called "stalkers" following him
around and modding down his comments.

In Roy's mind it's inconceivable to consider the fact that people just
don't like his SPAM and the bullshit he is spreading to every corner
of the Internet.
The people on digg have Roy Schestowitz all figured out and it didn't
take them long.
You don't have to take my word for it nor should you believe
everything Roy Schestowitz says either, as this message proves.
Go look for yourself.
Make certain to read what other people say about Roy Schestowitz.

Also notice what a hypocrite Roy Schestowitz is.
He claims to believe and be a proponent for free speech, but yet when
people disagree with him, Novel, Microsoft, flatfish, Linspire,
Xandros etc , he attempts to silence them via whatever method he can
conjur up.
Boycott sites are one of his favorites.
Sending out reams of spam is another.
Reporting people for no reason is yet another.

I'm still laughing.
Time for another cup of cafe and some towels and alcohol to clean off
my keyboard after the last cup ended up on it.
This stuff is hysterical.


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