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Re: Microsoft's Claimed Financial Gains Attributed to Piracy Crackdowns

> A worthless nym-shifting moron who has also posted under all sorts of "nyms"
> such as Rafael for example.

Dear Keith,

Thank you for pointing out how despicable nymshifting trolls are.  For
example, the one who has called himself

Adam Baum, Barb Dwyer, Bruce Banner, Capt. James Pike, Capt. Morgan,
Captain Commando, Colonel Ichabod Conk, Cpl Kronk, Dan D. Lyons,
Dr. Disco, Dr. Fafoofnik, Dr. Feelgood, Dr Gang Green, Dr. GroundAxe,
Dr. Hungwell, Dr. Hurt, Dr. Livingston, Dr. McGillicudy, Dr. Pain,
Dr. Seymour Butts, Dr. Shlongwell, Dr.Smooth, Dr. Zhivago, Enzyte Bob,
Geppetto Olivio, Gordon Glover, Jeremy Wembley, Judge Dredd, Keith
Windsor, Lintard Luser, Lt. Stardust, Mindy Cohen impersonator,
Mr. Doug Hoel, Mr. X, Ms. Polly Ester, Ofc. Michael Clayton, Professor
Dungby, Randy Oaks, Reggie Nolad, SgtMajor Gansevoort, Sgt. Wannacker,
Simon Templar, Sir Michael Clayton, Sophie McDowell, Sue Romer, Troy
McClure, Warren Piece, Zumwalt Humphry

(that includes Keith Windsor).  And that's just in the last couple of
months!  And that's only a partial list!  You'd need to work full time
just to tabulate the nyms this nymshifter uses!  Speaking of which,
who do you work for?  Doesn't your boss mind that you spend all your
time trolling newsgroups?  Oh, what's that?  You boss *likes* it when
you troll newsgroups?  You get paid by the number of nyms you use?

But you're right.  HPT did nymshift.  What was it, Raphael?  For that
I'd say he deserves to have *all* his personal life exposed on the
internet.  And he was so easy to uncover, wasn't he?  Especially for
someone who's been hiding his tracks for years and years.   Tell me,
when they gave you your assignment, did they say something like, Use
whatever methods you can and don't tell us about it.  And if you are
discovered, the Secretary will disavow all knowledge of your

Best wishes always, N.

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