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Re: Microsoft's Claimed Financial Gains Attributed to Piracy Crackdowns

"High Plains Thumper" <highplainsthumper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> Rex Ballard wrote:
>> Hadron wrote:
>>> Rex Ballard writes:
>>>> "DFS" wrote:
>>>>> Rex Ballard wrote:
>>>>>> It seems these corporate customers didn't understand that under the 
>>>>>> support plans, they were only "renting"
>>>>>> the licenses, not paying for them outright.
>>>>> Yes, only you and 3 other cola maniacs really understand
>>>>> how anything works.
>>>> And of course, the 27 Attorney's General understood every aspect of the 
>>>> DOJ settlement and knew exactly how Microsoft was going to nullify the 
>>>> whole process. If Microsoft can confuse a highly trained top attorney 
>>>> for each of 27 states, what makes you think that manager of smaller 
>>>> companies, many of whom don't check with the lawyers often enough would 
>>>> understand all of the subtleties of the Corporate licensing agreement.
>>> because Rexx "King Maker" Ballard is on hand to help them! Oh sorry. I 
>>> forgot you hawk IBM proprietary SW on Windows platforms to these people 
>>> while feathering your nest with
>>> your colossal daily rates and sales %.  Whoops!  *snip more
>>> rewriting of history*
>> It's Rexford Ballard, if you want the "king maker" meaning. Most people 
>> just call me Rex. Rexx is a programming language developed by IBM for 
>> scripting in VM/ CMS and other Mainframe languages.
> http://www.hyphenologist.co.uk/killfile/anti_troll_faq.htm
> [quote]
> Subject: 3.4  The nasty Troll
> If anyone does anything which will interfere with the
> troll's ability to cause mayhem, they can become very
> nasty, posting from obviously incorrect variations of the
> name etc. insults, call them netcops, netnannies,
> homosexuals.
> [/quote]
> This is an example of another fine "true linux advocacy post" from the 
> "true linux advocate", "kernel hacker", "emacs user", "swapfile expert", 
> "X specialist", "CUPS guru", "USB-disk server admin", "defragger 
> professional", "newsreader magician", "hardware maven" and "time 
> coordinator" Hadron Quark, aka Hans Schneider, aka Richard, aka Damian 
> O'Leary.

The "High Plains Thumper" liar


A worthless nym-shifting moron who has also posted under all sorts of "nyms" 
such as Rafael for example. When accused of 'nym-shifting' he first denied 
it then did a pathetic attempt to ignore the accusation. When confronted 
with overwhelming evidence he then claimed that his pathetic nym-shifting 
was some sort of "social experiment" - is this guy a total loser or what?

He is often taken to task for making ridiculous statements that are grossly 
wrong. When confronted with facts that prove him to be an idiot he resorts 
to childish posting where he replies with some made up FAQ as if it proves 
something. All it proves is that "High Plains Rafael" is simply one of the 
dumbest linux advocates on the planet.

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