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Re: [News] Xandros Violates the GPL?

____/ alt on Friday 23 November 2007 18:36 : \____

> On Fri, 23 Nov 2007 11:22:33 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> ASUS eeePC: First impressions and GPL violations
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | What you won't find on that site are sources. ASUS is bound by the GPL to
>> | make the sources for the software they're distributing available, even if
>> | they have not modified them. (Check the license if you don't believe me.)
>> | ASUS has posted a 1.8GB ZIP file on their website that they claim is the
>> | sources, but it's not -- it contains a few .debs (not even the versions
>> | that ship on the machine) and some kernel headers. (Perhaps they figured
>> | nobody would pull 1.8GB from their slow-as-molasses site and find out.)
>> `----
> It took me 4 days and 3 attempts to get that file from their site.
> And you're right, it doesn't contain the kernel sources.

Turns out they stole some code back in 2004 as well. IPTables, IIRC.... maybe
they are like Warren J Bell... and software theives like Gary Stewart.

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