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[News] Xandros Violates the GPL?

ASUS eeePC: First impressions and GPL violations

,----[ Quote ]
| What you won't find on that site are sources. ASUS is bound by the GPL to 
| make the sources for the software they're distributing available, even if 
| they have not modified them. (Check the license if you don't believe me.) 
| ASUS has posted a 1.8GB ZIP file on their website that they claim is the 
| sources, but it's not -- it contains a few .debs (not even the versions that 
| ship on the machine) and some kernel headers. (Perhaps they figured nobody 
| would pull 1.8GB from their slow-as-molasses site and find out.)      



Ubuntu 7.10 Gibbon swings on the Asus Eee

,----[ Quote ]
| The Gibbonfest continues. We've just had an Asus Eee in to look at - the £220 
| laptop that everyone who's seen it is going to buy. It's one of the hottest 
| things in the office this year: the combination of the insanely low price 
| tag, the perfectly functional specification (512MB RAM, 4GB internal flash 
| SSD, wi-fi, real keyboard, VGA display) and its extreme portability makes it 
| an instant hit.     


Asus Eee PC 4G sub-sub-notebook

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux buffs and geeks will love its sheer hackability. For two hundred quid, 
| it's a perfect impulse buy for folk who love messing around with operating 
| systems.  


GPL3 author calls for open source solidarity

,----[ Quote ]
| But Moglen told vnunet.com in a video interview that some in the 
| community will be tempted to make a "private peace with the invader". 
| "Divide-and-conquer strategies are built around the weakness that 
| it is in the interest of some people to make a private deal for 
| safety and abandon communal defence," Moglen said.


Microsoft's Protection Racket?

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft should have admitted that Linux matters sooner. For years, 
| the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant seemed to be in denial as 
| the open-source operating software made gains against its Windows 
| franchise.


Xandros layoffs? Just staffing 'adjustments'

,----[ Quote ]
| "About three weeks ago I started to see strange faces pop up in 
| the conference room, and they turned out to be investors. Then 
| one weekend, someone had cleaned out a [seldom-used] room and 
| given it to an investor as an office. A week later we were canned."


What does it mean for Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| They get a new protocol licensee which I'm sure they'll be pleased to
| trumpet to the EU.
| They get a renewed messaging platform for their  continued
| infatuation with customers and patents instead of customers and
| solutions. It's a broken platform which shows no leadership, but that 
| apparently won't stop them from pushing it.
| They get to continue the messaging shades of grey around Microsoft 
| Office Open XML and ODF. "Xandros and Microsoft share the view that 
| competing office productivity applications should, by design, 
| make it easy for customers to exchange files with one another."
| Microsoft sees its death in ODF. They will fight like a cornered
| rat and message appropriately.


Xandros Linux signs up for Microsoft patent protection

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft will provide Xandros users with a patent covenant that 
| protect users of the software from intellectual property claims. 
| Microsoft will provide the patent license directly to the end user, 
| which allows it to circumvent patent licensing requirements in the 
| General Public Licence (GPL) that governs Linux.
| [...]
| Co-author of the GPLv3 Eben Moglen has denounced exclusive patent 
| deals with Microsoft as a "divide and conquer" tactic that is 
| designed to break up the open source community.
| Microsoft and Xandros declined to comment on the implications of 
| GPLv3 on the deal, pointing out that licence is currently in a 
| draft stage and might still change.


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