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Re: [News] Analysts unhappy with Windows Vista

DFS wrote:
Roy Schestowitz wrote:

I wonder if Microsoft employees use Vista. Microsoft won't

I wonder if Roy will ever quit lying.  He won't say.

Oh, really?  Statement may be speculative, but a lie?  Hardly.

I once read a story about Microsoft employees avoiding IE7
and even recommending Firefox to people whom they support.


or http://tinyurl.com/ygzs36

50.  Anti: when I worked at Microsoft there were many INTERNAL
reports that Firefox was faster than IE7 on AJAX-centric sites
(even the old version was faster on AJAX sites). Oh, and since
when did normal people have Vista?

Comment by Robert Scoble — October 19, 2006 @ 1:57 pm

I once read about a shrill open source "advocate" and avowed
MS-hater who listed various Windows and Visual Basic skills on
his resume in a greedy attempt to grub more money by claiming
proficiency with proprietary technologies.



7.6 Trespasser Disinformation Tactics

   This is a list of the disinformation tactics that the that the
anti-Linux propagandists who post in COLA have been using. All of
these tactics have been used in COLA by the anti-Linux
propagandists against the Linux advocates and the rest of the
COLA readership to further the cause of the anti-Linux
propagandists. This list has been worded as though you are one of
them, so that you can better see through their eyes how they think.

13. Embarrass your opponent.  Locate or create apparently
embarrassing information or detail and utilize it out of all
proportion-trying to create a scandal around it, to hijack a
thread or drive everyone to distraction.

23. Lie.  Lie, lie, lie, lie.  If you do it often enough you may
create the appearance of truth.

31. If it makes Microsoft or Windows look bad call it a rumor.
Claim that anything that tends to make Microsoft or Windows look
bad is an unfounded rumor and that you opponent is being unfair.
If the information is obscure enough claim that it is an urban
legend, hopingthat no one knows that many legends are based on fact.

32. Promote Windows at every opportunity.  Microsoft Windows
needs a lot of help to be successful in the mind share of its
targeted user base. Point out to everybody on COLA how wonderful
it is. Ignore the meaning of the name of the newsgroup and its


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