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Re: [News] Analysts unhappy with Windows Vista

DFS wrote:
High Plains Thumper wrote:
DFS wrote:
Roy Schestowitz wrote:

I wonder if Microsoft employees use Vista. Microsoft
won't say.

I wonder if Roy will ever quit lying.  He won't say.

Oh, really?  Statement may be speculative, but a lie?

That one's not a lie - it's just another attempt to denigrate
Vista - but many of his other spews are.

Interesting statement. First you accuse Roy of being a continual liar, now his statement is not a lie, but others are.

I once read about a shrill open source "advocate" and
avowed MS-hater who listed various Windows and Visual
Basic skills on his resume in a greedy attempt to grub
more money by claiming proficiency with proprietary


I don't get you.  Why aren't you posting this silly FAQ 20x a
day to Roy 'Lying Spamming Idiot' Schestowitz for his many
lying cola spams that have absolutely nothing to do with

Why the hypocrisy?  oh yeah... you're a cola "advocate" and
the standards you like best are double standards.

It is not hard to figure you out. You attack the advocate rather than discuss the arguments of the advocate, with accusations of greed just because one includes skills accorded to that of a non-Linux operating system.

Thus, I would say it is you that maintains a double standard.


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